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Steve Selinger
President and Engineer
CCI Mobile Production

Our Story:


CCI Communications has been providing exceptional mobile video production facilities since our first “bread truck” hit the road in 1983.  We started with a few ¾” tape machines, Hitachi FP22 multicore tube cameras and a Cross Point Latch switcher covering local live broadcasts around the Philadelphia area. 


Today, our Gerling chassis features a Grass Valley Karrera, Sony HSC-300R cameras, 2 EVS LSM’s, EVS Spot Box, EVS Xfile3 and a Yamaha digital audio console giving us capabilities and equipment that you find in much larger production units.  The thoughtful design and attention to detail ensures that this mobile unit delivers powerful tools in a compact footprint allowing clients to realize their production vision. 


Enjoy the peace of mind our clients have come to know and value. The exceptionally maintained equipment along with our highly skilled engineers allow us to set up quickly and get the job done right. 


Contact us for your next live sports broadcast, entertainment event, music festival, concert, talk show or corporate meeting.  We serve Philadelphia/Baltimore, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions and beyond for your mobile television production needs.  Travel to areas outside of our normal service area are considered for multiple day events. 


Steve Selinger


Steve Selinger - Owner and Engineer


CCI Communications Original Truck 1983
Hitachi FP22's shoot Philadelphia Folk Festival 1980's

President and EIC:

Steve Selinger grew up around his father's production business playing with switcher fader arms, and lugging equipment around from an early age.  He began repairing mic cables and coax in his teenage years and remembers a time when video graphics machines took up an entire rack of equipment.  

Steve continues to grow and embrace new technologies, incorporating them into productions for easy and efficient work flow.  He utilized his vast experience to design and build the CCI mobile production unit that has earned a reputation for being a versatile and well-maintained production unit.  Steve combines his technical and interpersonal skills to help production teams realize their vision. 

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